Maybe Delayed surgery???

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Wondering why fight this.... I do not want to live my life captured by a medical system with uncaring voices spouting the verbiage of - "not our responsibility --> their responsibility..."  Crossroad....


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    hope things work out

    hope things work out

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    Just before Surgery

    Maggie I remember just before my surgery I wanted to run away to a matter of fact one of my doctors even wrote that into his report........  what you are feeling is totally natural.  You are strong and you can do this.........we are with you***


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    My onc

    I've figured out my onc. He seems a bit uncaring, but he does it to protect himself. I've caught him being very sensitive with people and having to leave the room quickly. They care a lot more than they show. I hope you keep fighting... something good will come of a little more time or possibly a lot more time in this beautiful world. Best, Anna