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Hi all:


Haven't forgotten y'all.  Never will for that matter!  Request prayer requests for dear friend (Debbie) in Chatt.  She is dealing with her stepdaughter diagnosed with brain tumor - inoperable, highly malignant and very aggressive.  And then her cousin who lives about ten minutes from his wife Jean who has all sorts of back problems and pretty much an invalid the last 10 to 15 years has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and it's everywhere - brain, bones, liver - were referring her to hospice today.  They said she has about 2 weeks maybe 12 if she eats good.  Please keep them in your prayers.

Finished up long term sub on Sept. 26 and have been subbing 2/3 days week since which is good.  I'm so glad I'm on retired side!  Chargee was neutered yesterday.  Did fine however one was retained and vet told me usually it's in the abodominal cavity but there are two layers of muscle it has to come thru and it was between those two layers of muscle! Which was an extra $150 because they had to go in and find it.    But it's out now and no tumors or anything so he's recovering now.  He was pretty out of it when I brought home yesterday and pretty groggy but is getting back to his old self.  He wasn't ready to eat this morning so to entice and to slip his pain pill in I fixed him cream of wheat; turned his nose up at that so then fixed him some rice; turned his nose up at that; however when I added some roast beef bitties and some of the broth from the vegetables I cooked on Sunday he gobbled it up pill and all!  He wasn't quite as crazy about it this afternoon when I put canned chicken on it.  Sammy on the other hand loved it!  So I think here in a minute I'll give him some more rice and chicken and put the pill in a little bit of lemon pudding!  He's such a picky eater sometimes; must get it from his mama.  Must go and take of my baby and get myself ready to sub tomorrow and Friday.  Happy Halloween all and hope all is well with everyone.  God Bless!


Jan (Basketcase)


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    Hi Jan


    Always good to hear from you and how you are doing. So sorry to hear the news about Debbie & her cousin will keep them in prayer. Glad to hear that Chargee will be OK, he will get back to his old self again, like us it just takes time.


    God Bless and keep you


    Tim Hondo

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    hi jan, glad to hear from

    hi jan, glad to hear from you.  sending prayers out for your friends.  I just told my husband yesterday that I believe everyone will have cancer at some point in their life.  just seems to be the way of the world any more.  everyone is getting it.  when a person knows at least 10 people/friends/family who currently have it or very recently died of it, it is too previlent.  take care.


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    Good to hear from you. Sorry

    Good to hear from you. Sorry to hear of your friends troubles, praying for God's comfort. You seem to be keeping busy and involved. I still am struggling with finding purpose but surviving so far. Have a blessed day.