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I had stage 2 colon cancer with a high risk for reoccurrence diagnosed in October of 2010, Chemo ended in May of 2011. The last three or four chemo treatments I started having a deep pain in my right side under the rib cage that radiates to my back. It was finally found to be pancreatitis. Since then I have had this same kind of pain off and on. Sometimes not for a couple months and then comes back weekly for a few weeks. The pain lasts for about 2 to 3 days and does subside. I just don't eat and drink tiny sips of water and it will go away.

When I went for my 6 month checkup to the Oncologist, I talked to my physician about it. He sent me to have an ultrasound. The nurse called and said the pancreas results looked normal. She said that if I continued to have problems to contact my primary physician.

When I read the results I'm uncertain if the results are normal, it says:

"FINDINGS: The gallbladder is surgically absent. Visualized portions of the head and body of the pancreas are unremarkable. The liver demonstrates slightly diffusely increased echogenicity suggesting fatty infiltration. No focal hepatic mass was identified. Common duct diameter is prominent at 12.2 mm. This is not significantly changed compared to a CT scan of November 18, 2013 and may be normal for this patient in view of the prior cholecystectomy. The right kidney demonstrates no evidence of hydronephrosis. The right kidney measure 10.7 cm. IMMPRESSION: Prior cholecystectomy. Evidence of diffuse fatty infiltration of the liver."

When I looked up online the normal common duct diameter is typically less than 8 mm if normal for women with the gallbladder removed. It says that over 10 should be further evaluated. I have several episodes of severe pain lasting two or three days. It makes me get sick, even after getting sick the pain doesn't go away. I just stop eating for a couple days and it will eventually go away. Very painful I might add...

My question to you is with the common duct being so much larger than normal will an ultrasound really pick up if there is a tumor or something that is making it larger than normal? Does this seem reasonable to ignore and wait for occurrence again? My plan going forward is to go into the doctor office each time I have the pain to have Lipase and Amylase blood test drawn and documented when this happens going forward and not treat myself at home. I never liked to go to doctor office as they kept me inpatient when the lab tests showed pancreatitis.

My feet and hands tingle most of the time, I do not have shooting pain up my legs any longer. I don't have diabetes and my fasting glucose level is usually 84 or lower. I have been trying to do better to listen to my body but it seems like it is always talking. I feel like a hypochondriac.

Do you feel is correct to wait for next appointment in six months or should I call a gastro specialist just to be certain that the result is okay or am I over thinking the enlarger common duct diameter being 12.2?

I know you all have such expertise and I truly value your opinions and words of wisdom.  I don’t want to be paranoid but don’t want to let it go if my body is trying to tell me something.

I sure appreicate any feedback you feel comfortable to share.





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    Lost in the rush

    I'm sorry that your post has not been replied to, darlad. 

    Being a Cancer patient is not an easy life to live. Everything we go though seems to be magnified. I don't think you are a hypochondriac, your reactions are just normal. 

    I do not have any answers for you, but will say that if you are at all worried, then go and see a GI or your GP and talk it over with them.  Worry and stress are not healthy, and make great bed mates with Cancer. You do not need to be worrying about this, when a trip to the Doctor's may ease your mind. 

    I hope there are others here that have answeres to your questions. All I can do is think good thoughts and pray for you. 

    Sue - Trubrit