update from all my tests

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First time I have posted in awhile as I have been waiting and doing all my scans.  On kidney they done Ultrasound only as I had already had abd ct 2 months earlier and everything looked ok.  Had EGD  scope of stomach and on biopsies came back on path report that there was cell changes from last year.  Doc only said will have to monitor and keep eye on that.  Colonscopy  after stage 1 colon ca last year I ihad 4 new polyps that was serated adenomas which doc said was more aggressive polyps than I had last year when had regular adenomas.  No ca found this time.  Just cautious of my body and any new changes.  Breast mass had only grown  3mm which makes is 7 mm and still looks suspicious  on film  biopsy in mar was benign but have tumor marker and every 6 months mammogram and ultrasound.  The ever on going pain in my hip where the medius and minimus muscle tears are is so hard to live with.  My scans have been sent to Mayo clinic cleveland clinic and no doc around here will do surgery on my hip.  On pain meds for over year now.  Finally found sports med doc who said if lung doc can get me off steroids that I have been on for 9 years  low dose for my lungs  that he would do surgery after 4 months off of them and then 3 months after surgery.  Will all depend if my lungs allow it.   Then to top it all off , can hardly walk on left foot,  heel pad has atropohied and gone. Just bone on skin.  So see foot doc again on wed to see what his plans are.  I think he said id have to go to foot surgeon.  he put in shot or steroids last week for pain relief.  The hemangioma in liver is 18mm now.  Slow growing thank goodness.  So this is why i have not posted in awhile.  It seems everything is going downhill.  But I still try to stay upbeat and happy and glad to see each new morning.  Lost my mom in June and that is so hard too.  But I had her a long time and she was ready to go on to heaven.l  I still think about and pray for you all every night.   Love to you all and hope all gets better for ev eryone.  Sue


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    Hi Sue,
    Glad to see you here

    Hi Sue,

    Glad to see you here again. I am sorry for all the ordeals you have been dealing with! It sounds like a lot of medical appointments and issues! I hope things slow down for you and your pain subsides. Sorry for your loss of your mom. That is a tough one. My mom died a year ago and I still keep thinking "I should call Mom and tell her...."

    I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.




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    OH Sue... ENOUGH!!!
    I am so

    OH Sue... ENOUGH!!!

    I am so sorry for ALL you are enduring! But I admire your attitude.

    You seem to accept that your mother was ready to pass, but still..

    My hope is that you feel her all around you, my dear!!

    Know that I too will keep you in MY prayers and thoughts.

    Sorry for your hip pain. That can really test one right?

    May you see some improvements and soon.


    Here's a Gentle Hug, Jan

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    Take Care!

    Sue, You sound like you hardly have time to turn around, that's quite a lot to deal with at any one time. The sad loss of your dear Mum makes things doubly hard. You are a tough lady though Sue, you will gradually work your way through all this. It is great news that the chance of surgery is on the table at least, I pray that your lungs will allow it. Is the foot problem as a result of the hip issue? I can recommend the gel insoles they take a lot of pressure off..

    Look after yourself, let us know how you get on won't you, praying and thinking of you:)


    Djinnie xx