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Saw my oncology PA a month ago and she was very concerned because my FDG score only went down to 4 (from 18). Wanted me to cancel my vacation and get right in to see my colorectal specialist, then decided a couple of weeks wouldn't make a difference. Whether she "sensed" my anxiety or whether she was really concerned, I should have asked, but didn't. But worried my whole vacation, no matter how I tried to put it in the back of my mind. Saw my colorectal specialist Friday. When I saw him the first time in April, I was diagnosed as stage 3b. He wasn't very optimistic. However, when he examined me Friday, he couldn't believe he was examining the same person--he's very sure all that is left is scar tissue. And as for the FDG score, he was completely unconcerned--says a PET scan for anal cancer is notorious for showing things that are not there and the inflammation is probably from my hemorrhoids. It's good for the rest of the body, and the rest of my body is clear--even 2 lymph nodes that "lit up" were gone. Thanks oncology PA. Not sure why I have to keep following up with Oncology anyway. My CRS is very honest with me, which I appreciate greatly, and doesn't expect to find anything, but wants to do a follow up biopsy in a couple of weeks, which I have no problem with.

Has anyone every considered having a "happy face" tattoed on a butt cheek? I have been bounced around to 11 doctors during this whole diagnosis/treatment process, only 5 of which will ever touch me again. Seems like everyone wants to see my bum. Told my daughter if she hears of someone mooning somewhere, she better check on me. Feel so relieved and thankful this colorectal surgeon and I are together. And thankful for this board. It helps greatly. Sorry to ramble on. Done.


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    I'm sorry to hear your vacation was spent with worry. Now you'll have to plan a re-do!! Congratulations on the good report from your CRS and I will pray for a clean biopsy as well.

    Many people once recovered (or since recovery is on-going), once done with a certain part of this journey get tatoos as sort of a badge to represent where they've been. While its not for me, the idea of a butt cheek happy face for all we have had to endure makes me smile, so if tatoos are for you, by all means thats a badge of honor!