Pilomyxoid Astrocytoma Grade 2

I am a mother of a 5 year old little girl recently diagnosed with a PMA brain tumor! She is currently undergoing chemo (carboplatin and vincristine) she has a VP shunt placed due to hydrocephaLuS! anyone else have this or have a child with this? 


  • Crissyyoung1
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    My son has the same diagnosis.

    Hello. My son is now 8 years old. He had a seizure 2010, it was partially removed 05/17/2010 and was on trileptal to prevent seizures. Till January of 2014 he was ️️️️seizure free. Now we're going through the different MEDS to see if any work. So far he still has break thoughs. 

    How is your daughter? Why was Chemo needed? Hope to hear from you soon.