My WIFE 50,Liver cancer, NOW on a 3 month treatment break....WHATS THAT mean??

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Hi All,New here,

Peter is my name.

My Wife had GALLBLADDER Cancer.had surgery to remove it..they found cancer!this was in OCTOBER 2013

She was then advised on further surgery.. It was a MAJOR operation leaving a 52cm scar across her body.

Sadly the surgeon's reconstructed her BILE DUCT using a little bowel. But found CANCER in the LIVER.

she was sewn up and no more surgical intervention could take place!


She had some time to recover ..and then went right on to Heavy Chemotherapy for 3 months JANUARY 2014

Flowed by Chemo therapy and Radiotherapy COMBINED! finished 4 weeks ago


She has since had a "PETSCAN" and although its not worse it's also not better

and a small spot has been found. WELL HERE... ill paste this.....

The Chemo did knock her round a lot but At present she is tired ,and nausea occasionally,

But is eating reasonably well and drinking heaps of water,tea and coffee!

Gets very hot a LOT!

2014-10-27But DAMN I am soooo CONFUSED!


 (There is NO change to the Liver cancer it remains the same if anything SLIGHTLY worse The “METABOLIC ACTIVITY” 1.0 ( was 6.5 in 2013,... Now 7.5)

There is also a NEW spot found in what’s called the “OMENTUM”,... Which is concerning and could be leading to further disease!


These are so far the only SEEN signs of metabolic activity re the PETSCAN.)




My Point here IS...They don't want to see her for 3 months now

is this a GOOD sign or Not ..???? What's next??


I guess i am asking if anyone has or knows a similar story?

The original surgeon gave her 12 months with Treatment.


The oncologist and Radiologist said working together they can give her 2 years