Newly found liposarcoma please help

Yollandah Member Posts: 1

My name is yollandah I'm 22 and recently found a lump on my back. I went to the doctors when I realized the lump wasn't going away. My mum has schwanoma tumors also on her spine so she pushed that the gp give me an MRI. The results came back this friday that I most likely have a well differentiated liposarcoma located near my L5 in the muscle. I'm currently awaiting to see a specialist and to have it biopsied.

Ever since I found the lump I have been extremely tired I want to sleep all the time and in the last few days all my muscles have been aching. I was just wondering if there was anyone out there who have had similar experiences and can tell me if these pains and fatigue are related?



    Pathology will determine if simple removal will cure or if you have a year fighting it.  Some Sarcoma have 95% survival others 10%.