biopsy from lesion hypopharynx


Biopsy from Lesion Hypopharynx of my Father-In-Law (aged 63) has been stated to have "Multiple pieces of greyish friable tissue with all pieces embeded:.

Microscopical Section Examination shows "moderately differentiated infiltrating sqamous cell carcinoma".

Impression is "moderately differentiated infiltrating sqamous cell carcinoma (biopsy from lesion hypopharynx).

Request guidance on the said Report at the earliest since we have been given to understand that the patient is beyond the initial stage of cancer and hence, surgical removal of the said tissues is not possible. Also, radiation and chemo-therapy is the applicable solution towards betterment of the said patient.

Look forward to receiving early replies to the aforesaid to enable initiation of the applicable treatment.

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Reejoug Ghosh


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    Sorry to hear about your father-in-law.  When my husband was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer 4 years ago, he underwent radiation and chemo.  We were told he was NED after treatment, but that wasn't true.  The tumor was still there hidden by the damage the radiation did.  He then underwent a complete laryngectomy, partial neck dissection and throat reconstruction.  His cancer is the same type as your father-in-law.  But unlucky for us, a second primary was found and surgery was ruled out.  He underwent further radiation and chemo.  But that didn't stop a reoccurrence of the second primary and spread to lung. 

    My advice would be to see a specialist who deals with head and neck cancers and who has a good deal of experience. 

    Wishing you and your family the best

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    Good morning

    Where does he live, and what chemotherapy and radiation services are available to him?




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    i'm sorry, I have no advice

    i'm sorry, I have no advice but wanted to wish your father in law the best.  i'm sure his doctors will come up with a plan that is best for him.  good luck to you both.

    God bless you,


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    Welcome Reejoug to the H&N Group

    Welcome to the group and I'm sorry you need to be here for your Father-in-law. I to am 63 and I had hypopharynx SCC as well. Mine was stage 3 and just above my larnyx. I had surgery only to remove the tumor. I have bad lungs so they had to remove my larynx, so I could survive the surgery, and did a radial neck dissection on both sides and removed 86 lymph glands at the same time. Just before surgery they had me as T4;N2;M0.[stage 4] but when they got in it was better than they thought. T3;N0;M0; stage 3. I never had chemo or radiation and have been fine and they got it all and I have no sign of cancer, one year now.

    I know this is all very scarry to you and your family, but it is beatable. I'm not sure where you live but if in the US, or not I would recomend a second opion. It sounds like they are trying to save the vocal cords, which is good. Often they want to do RAD and Chemo first and it does work. They would have gone that way on me if my lungs were better. If you are in the States here is a list of hospitals. If you live outside try to find one that has a tumor board. You then have ALL the doctors see you at he same time and they ALL have to agree what is best for him.


    It is a rough road he will be going down, but many have already been down it and are survivors. The group is here 24/7 and someone will try to help or just be here to listen. I'll add tou to my prayers and wish your Father Inlaw the best.