Making Strides

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Sunday my husband and I will be walking in the American CANCER Making Strides Breast Cancer walk!  Our 2 y/o grandson (babysitting while mom and dad work) will be with us as we all sport our team shirts with this slogan

cancer touched my ta ta's so I kicked it's a** and a cute pic of a beat up jack!

Our other son and DIL and their 3 kiddo's will be with us as well

i ask all of you to join me in spirit!   

We did the Komen walk 2 weeks ago.  I was the top individual fundraiser!  I am proud to walk as an 18 mo survivor and even more proud to raise funds to help treat those affected and to fund research to find a cure!

Cancer be damned!


  • Sallie2
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    We are there with you.

    We are there with you.

  • VickiSam
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    Sallie2 said:

    We are there with you.

    We are there with you.

    Yes, we Sisters in PINK will

    be there with you in spirit ..  Thank you!


    Vicki Sam