My new Avatar with my grandbaby Aiden

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I decided to put up a new silly avatar.  I was at a Communion party and there were no healthy desserts and my grandbaby started to cry because everyone else was eating cookies so I gave him a cookie just at the moment my cousin took a picture (which I knew would end up on Facebook).  It was my "grandma got caught" face.  His mom does not give him any junk food and I support that fully.  He has had natural cookies all his life (all 2.2 years).   At first I thought ugh we're heading down the wrong path with giving him artificial crap cookies and then I realized he's 2 and has a junky cookie what once a year.  Junky cookies are going to happen in life.  Of course I went around telling everyone "do not tell his mom".  lol  I'm proud that we're changing the poor food patterns but this is SO my busted face.  lol  Next party I'm bringing a fruit platter and some natural snacks so that there are options.  I can only change my own house, I can't get others to see that natural is not terrible.  I also can't get my cousin to stop taking pictures of things when I'm not supposed to be doing them=)


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    This is priceless and brought a smile to my otherwise sad face, which is a rarity these days. Thank you for brightening my day.



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    Lol Helen

    That's a lucky grandson, it's grandma'a job to be a partner in crime : )



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    Ha the look on your

    Ha the look on your face!  And he is just a sweet cutie!

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    jen2012 said:

    Ha the look on your

    Ha the look on your face!  And he is just a sweet cutie!

    Adorble....both of you!

    Adorble....both of you!


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    I was the same way

    I didn't let my children eat candy etc., and I ended up with grown up children, one of which does not care for sweets that much and the other (the first child, so I was very strict about what she ate) eats sugar bread, which is a piece of white bread with sugar poured on it (this makes me cringe even thinking about it) we can only try, but they're going to find those sweets if they want them eventually.  I, myself, love sweets as well, but sugar bread is just crazy, but even now at 33 she will still eat that occasionally as a treat for herself, YUCK!!!

    Winter Marie

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    Love it!

    i love the picture, and I love it that you are confident enough in yourself and in us, to post it as an avatar.  

    You are a beautiful lady, even with you 'got caught' face.  

    Sue - Trubrit

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    Love the pic and I'm not ashamed to say I do the same thing with my niece's little girl.  She comes to my house and the first thing out of her mouth is "Can I have a cookie?"  She gets fed a super healthy diet normally so I figure a little junk from her auntie isn't the end of the world.

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    What a great pic! What a beautiful baby. He's adorable!


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    I love this and the story that goes with it!  Classic grandma!




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    Thanks for sharing your

    Thanks for sharing your story. Remember that Grandma trumps mama. :-)