Switching from Tamoxifen to Arimidex......


I have not been on the board for a year or so. But I do check in from time to time. Everything is going well, no side effects from Tamoxifen. I had to change onologist because of new insurance. I have taken tamoxifen for 4 years, but new doc ran blood tests saying I am post menopausal and so she wants me to be on arimidex. Just wondering if the side effects are the same as tamoxifen, better, or worse.  Anything information you beauitful sisters can give me would be great.

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  • gagee
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    Didnt take the other one the tamoxfin (sp). Only the aridemex and had terrible side effects. Chose to not take any meds. Hope I made right choice. Good luck with whatever you choose. Many people here will give you good advice. Diana 


  • Sailing wind
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    You won't know until you try.

    You won't know until you try. I'm on letrozole (femama) no side effects yet.  Only a month on.