A "YAY" moment today.


Hi all,

Just wanted to give you an update.  The last time I wrote I was on a pretty emotional roller coaster and not feeling good blah, blah, blah.  I went on anti-depressants (low dose they gave me for my hot flashes) probably three weeks ago (I think).  Well, monday I felt like I was catching cold for a 2nd time in two weeks and I just didn't feel good.  I slept 13 hours monday night -  tues. morning.  I felt better yesterday and even was able to mow my front lawn.  I mowed my backyard a few days before that.  (That's a major accomplishment in itself). 

TODAY:  I went to Livestrong at the YMCA (workout program for cancer survivors) and I worked out longer than I ever have.  THEN, I was able to give a 45 minute massage today.  I have only been able to give 30 minute massages up to 2 or 3 a day but no more than about 7 a week.  I'm a massage therapist who is used to give massages 15 - 22 hours a week. 

I feel good today (not sure how I will feel tomorrow with doing so much today) and I am happier today and have smiled more today.  Almost feel like myself.  :)

That's my YAY moment.    And I wanted to share it with you all.



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    Glad  you had a good day.  May there be many more good days coming your way.  Thanks for sharing.   Hope your energy continues to increase, too.

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    So glad to hear of your "YAY"

    So glad to hear of your "YAY" moment and what you did to make it happen. The cancer journeys we are taking are such emotional roller coasters. Although I don't post often, I read this discussion board regularly and am strengthened and encouraged by the wise words and compassion of the regular posters. It is lovely to hear of a "YAY" moment amidst the challenges and rough times. Since my diagnosis in July, I got through surgery, two rounds of chemo, kept up a busy work schedule --no problem-no tears--only to have a near melt down last week when trying on a hat in a store and my wig slid off exposing my chemo-head bald look. Today was windy in NYC and I was worried about whether the wig would stay on without a cap to help anchor it down. I never liked hats and don't have any. I stopped at a street vendor and this time was successful in holding the wig in place while trying on some hats. I did it. A new skill, a little victory and perhaps a mini-YAY-moment, too. I am feeling cozy and peaceful wearing my new warm grey, fleecy cap at home tonight.

    Let's share more "YAY" moments when we have them!

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    Yay for YAY!


    Terrific news.   Now that will make me get off my butt and get moving!   


    Thans for sharing!


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    Congrats on your YAY moment!

    LaughingCongrats on your YAY moment! Wish you have even more and even better ones soon!!!

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    Ro10 said:


    Glad  you had a good day.  May there be many more good days coming your way.  Thanks for sharing.   Hope your energy continues to increase, too.

    So how are you doing these

    So how are you doing these days?  Last week your cough was more note able than normal.  You've been on my mind a lot and I was just concerned. Thinking and praying for you. You are not alone.