First Time I Had to use Miracle Mouthwash- A question

Through all the treatments I've been through I've never had bad mouth sores.  Got some this time and got Miracle Mouthwash today.  My question is, does this stuff actually heal the sores or is it just for the numbing  properties?




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    Hi Joe,
    My experience with

    Hi Joe,

    My experience with sores is nothing really made them go away any sooner than they wanted to and all the various remedies helped reducee the pain rather than makingh the sore disappear any sooner. Good luck!

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    helped with the pain


    It helps so you can continue to swallow.  I'm so sorry that you're going through so much.  Positives and hugs sent !  Katie 

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    helped with the pain


    It helps so you can continue to swallow.  I'm so sorry that you're going through so much.  Positives and hugs sent !  Katie 


    I dont think it has healing abilities but I could be wrong. I relied heavily on it for two years to prevent foods from burning when I ate. Back in 2012 I had bad sores, really bad, on my lips during tx. I was given Caphosol. Can't say if it kept them from getting worse but did not get rid of them. I think MMW is just intended to numb.

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    Hi Joe

    It is just to help with the pain that is all I know. I had them all over in my mouth and trying to swallow anything was very painful, it helped enough to get me through the treatment and that was all that mattered.


    Tim Hondo

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    Never did much for me

    When I was going through it, I found Magic Mouthwash didn’t help much, and the little that it did, was very short lived. Also my insurance company wouldn’t pay for it, claiming it was a “compound medication” and therefore not covered. (Don’t think I ever figured out that one).

    I did find something that I felt worked better for me, that being “Lidocaine Hydrochloride Oral Topical Solution, USP (viscous) 2%”. I would put some on my finger and rub it on the sore spots in my mouth (just about everywhere). It did provide some relief, but again it too was short lived. It is available as a prescription, and was covered under my insurance plan, and if not, it is far less expensive than the magic mouthwash. 

    As far as I know neither does anything to heal the sores, just makes the discomfort a bit more manageable. I think lidocaine is one of the ingredients in magic mouthwash, but for me, this worked a little better than the magic mouthwash. Good luck.


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    I went through 6 bottles of magic mouth wash and I sipped, sloshed and swallowed every drop of it.  I used it for throat, mouth and tongue discomfort, but do not know if it had any healing properties.

    Matter-of-fact I went through my last unopened bottle last February when I had a sore throat.

    I love the stuff.


    Oregon vintage MMW only!


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    Joe, i was told it was to

    Joe, i was told it was to numb the mouth so the pain would ease for a while.  sorry you are going thru the sore issue.  from reading here i know they are pretty painful.  i hope the mouthwash will at least help ease the pain.

    God bless you, Joe.


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    I used it

    to numb my mouth and throat so I could swallow. I would wait ten minutes and then have an open window of 30 minutes to eat. Alot depended upon where the mouth sores were  located for me.

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    it was great

    I am not a big fan of pain killers but towards the end of my treatment the only thing that would help was the MmW. it would allow about a 10 minute window to swollow soft food. another thing I cleary remember doing was taking maybe an once of warm water and disolving a percocet into it and gogle with that and hold in my throat over the sores as long as i could hold it before swollowig -actually one of the nurses recommended doing that - and multible times a day I would rinse my mouth with the home made rinse of baking sodawater and salt

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    Magic Mouthwash and Healing

    Hey Joe -

    Magic Mouthwash usually contains a numbing agent like lidocaine and a coating agent like Maalox or milk of magnesia. This is generally only used to minimize or numb the pain. Some also include antibiotics or antifungals. Every doc seems to order his own combo - but mostly to reduce pain.

    But the good news is since the mouthwash reduces pain, it also enables you to eat and drink enabling you to get the valuable nutrition you need for recovery. So indirectly it does actually heal the sores.

    Stay on top of the pain as best as you can - over time all will heal and you won't have to use it regularly. Doesn't hurt to keep it around for a period until all is stable.

    Wishing you a quick recovery!

    PS - For those who aren't reimbursed for Magic Mouthwash, there are MM kits available to the pharmacist that might qualify since they're not compounded individually. Unfortunately these kits are premeasured ingredients so might not fit the doc's specific formula. Cutis Pharma manufactures these kits. Ask your pharmacist or your insurance company if it's a problem getting reminbursement with the doc's ingredient list.

    - Jeff

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    I used it. They called it Larry's Solution at Johns Hopkins based on the doctor who came up with the formula. It definitely took the edge off the mouth and throat pain and gave me a short window to get some nourishment down my throat. However, due to the numbing factor I couldn't feel anything and choked a bit trying to swallow. Talk about a catch 22! But yeah, it really helped when the throat was nothing but razor blades and the mouth was an ulcer minefield.

    Positive thoughts and prayers