mass on kidney and lesion on spleen

My husband was just told he had a small mass on his left kidney.  2.5 cm in size.  The urologist says it has all indications of being cancer and that a partial robotic nephrectomy is best option.  After the urologist saw the MRI he told us that there is a small lesion on my husband's spleen.  The dr now wants him to see a general surgeon to determine what it is.  The waiting is awful!  My question is...if the mass on kidney IS cancer...does it stand to reason that the spleen is also?  Is there anything else we should ask?  Please help, we are new to this and very worried.


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    The Kidney Cancer will be ok.



    At 2.5 cm a full recovery frpm the Kidney Cancer surgery is in the cards.  Your husband was very lucky it was caught early.


    With regard to the spleen this is the first time in almost 5 years on this board that I have seen these 2 type of Cancers together. From google it appears that a splenectomy is the cure for Cancer of the spleen , a surgery that has been around for years. While Urologists do not do general surgery a general surgeon may be able to do both. Just a thought. On the other hand it may turn out to be that the lesion on the spleen is nothing. Hopefully it is nothing, but you are going to have to confirm that with a general surgoen rather than myself who is only a retired attrney and 12 years and counting Kidney Cancer survivor.