Scared to death- 1st after treatment pet

my scan half way through showed uptake (new) in breast and lungs.  long story short, but I have pTsd and right now I'm freaking not just about new cancer, old cancer cured, the hour drive there, the claustrophobia of the machine., having a panic attack there, you name it, I'm scared!  I want to just cry


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    Have at it

    Sometimes a good cry is good for you.  Then pick yourself up and get ready for information.  How did you find out about this 1/2 way through the scan?  Someone experienced will be reading it and hopefully your doctor will look at the scan as well as read the report.  We are here to help.  Feel free to vent.

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    Very sorry.....

    You say you found out half way through? The Tec that does the scan is not allowed to say anything as they are NOT Doctors. If they did don't hold too much in it. They are not the radiologist who reads them. You say after 1st treatment pet? Is this the PET/CT you are refering to. If this was done after one TX treatment that makes no since and too soon. Call and see if they will give you something before the scan. The CT is an open machine and the MRI is a little more closed.

    Often it is good to just Vent and get it out. Writing it down does help, and we do understand.

    Best to you.


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    The first one post treatment

    is the scariest.  I can tell by your words that your mind is on that hampster wheel of fear......Goes from the fear of the scan, and keeps reaching out and nabbing other fears like grabbing brass rings on a merry-go-round.   Do you have anything left over from Ativan?  Take one, then take a deep're going to get through it.

    Remember hot spots are not cancer....nothing is cancer till a Dr. says it is.  If you have to, take an Ativan with you for the scan (or ask them for one when you get there).


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    Don’t worried we are all scared and we all feel like crying so go ahead, but please first find someone you can lean on and cry with you, we all need to let out the emotions inside of us. For me I take it to God and place it into His hands, then more forward in life.

    Like Teacher said we are here to help, so vent here when you need, if you don’t mind I like to keep you in my prayers

    Tim Hondo

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    Dear Scared to Death

    I can relate and feel your anxitey, as I to am having my first 6 month post pet scan tomorrow morning. I am very scared and wake up crying at night.

     I am surpirsed to hear that a technician told you anything through the scan. It is my understanfing that they aren't suppose to say anything. Only your doctor can reveal results.  My co-workers gave me this poem to help me get through this. Hopes this helps.


    Never give up.

    Never lose hope.

    Always have faith, it allows you to cope.

    Trying times will pass as they always do.

    Just have patience, your dreams will come true.

    Put on a smile, you will live through your pain.

    Know this will pass, and strength you will gain.


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    Oh hun :(  I can't directly

    Oh hun :(  I can't directly relate, but watching dad go through cancer I can tell you your fear is reasonable!  All I can do is pray that you make it through this and things aren't as bad as you imagine.  Just know, I'm praying!!  Hang in there.  I hope you have a few close to you that you can trust and that support you!

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    How far out from treatment was the PET done?

    How far post tx are you? My first PET around 8 wks after treatment and my lungs lit up like a Christmas tree. It was inflamation. 2nd, 3rd and 4th PET's and 3 CT's were OK.

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    reillypp, i'm just seeing this post and praying that everything turns out ok.  praying the scan goes off without a hitch or panic attack.  I definitely understand your anxiety.  i'm so sorry you are going through all of this.  i will be praying for you.

    God bless you,