interventional radiology lung biopsy

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Hi everyone,

I had the second procedure/third biopsy of the cystic consolidation on my lung today. So far so good. They didn't find anything yet. The pathologists take usually about four days and I have my appointment with my Oncologist on Friday so I should know much more by then.

The Surgeon who did the biopsy said that if it's not cancer, it would be a tough call to recommend surgery since it is not in a place where they can do VATS and the surgery would be very difficult for me. But she also said there really isn't any such thing as a negative biopsy since if something is there, something is there and a needle biopsy is not able to get enough sample to rule out cancer completely. So Friday should be interesting.

Thanks for waiting through this with me. This has been in the background since 2011. It waxes and wanes. Today it had gotten smaller than the last scan and I guess that's good. She recommended a Pet Scan come next.

I'll keep you posted. 




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    I hope you are feeling okay tonight and that by Friday, you'll be recovered.  I hope they can give you as much information as possible at your appointment.  I think the best news is that whatever it is, it has gotten smaller.  Like my oncologist told me, cancer does not shrink on its own.  Please let us know what you find out on Friday.  Hugs and prayers to you for the best possible news!


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    I always enjoy reading your thoughtful posts and was just thinking about how emotionally draining this whole process must be for you. I do hope you are doing well and finding that "inner strength"to keep moving forward. I will keep you in my prayers that friday goes well and brings positive news as well as a plan of action if needed.

    Be well.....


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    Thanks for the update!  I am rooting for you!  You are just smile w/a wink did not appear:(


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    As always sending you prayers, hugs and positive energy. I hope Friday brings you some expalnations and good news concerning this crazy situation. I know you must be overwhelmed with everything going through your head these past few days and the next couple of days going foward. Let your positivity be your guide to peace, you are always so soothing to all of us I hope you can be virtually soothed through us now.