Diet and Exercise. Did you change it? Work less? What do you think helped you to survive?

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I am 18 months NED and of course looking for "the answer".  I know there isn't really one but I'm curious to what people have changed in their lives.  I have friends who changed diet and didn't make it, I have friends who exercised and didn't make it.  I didn't have any friends who did both.  I also have friends who changed nothing and are fine.  It's all very confusing.  I also find that many people with cancer say they had anxiety for years before cancer.  That would describe me.  I wonder how much that plays a role in it.  


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    Helen, I think if any of us

    Helen, I think if any of us had THE answer we would be wealthy beyond our wildest dreams.  I met a man a few weeks ago who was Stage 4 cancer, he was told to go home and prepare to die.  He had good friends come and beat down his door and he went to a naturopath.  He said he cut out all sugar and carbs and he is alive and well 4 years later. 

    Now I don't think all naturpaths are created equal, he told me his was a former doctor who believed the established medical field didn't want to cure cancer.  I have heard women here on the board still pass away after following a naturopath. What is the answer?

    I do know it seems everytime you turn around we hear of yet someone else who has cancer.  There was ZERO cancer in my family, both sides, and yet I got an agressive form.  I do think stress had something to do with that and hate that I haven't been able to eliminate that.