My attendence

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My attendence in our unique room has been poor lately thanks to my demanding job. Recently, nobody wanted my job which means no one ran against me or anyone else on my team so I am back in office for another 3 years.

I was just up in Bostom Mass. in Trutee classes most of last week and I should have asked who was close by thinking maybe we could have met up for coffee. I did this last year when I went to Florida to visit with my newest grandaughter and met John. It didn't dawn on me until after I was back that I may have had the opportunity to meet one of my fellow warriors. My loss.


Life is good..........enjoy the day




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    Good to hear you are working and traveling!

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    we miss you but !


    It's really nice to hear from you !  And what's better is to hear how sweet life is for you !  Please pop in once in awhile, but my friend live life....very impressive !!!!  Hugs sent !  Katie

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    meeting Jeff 101


    Blame it on work (Cats in the Cradle) LOL!

    Nice to hear that all is well.

    I will take you up on that cup of coffee, someday.


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    CSN Survivor Map...
    Jeff, you could have checked out this old map that I was updating at one time..

    CSN Survivor Map

    I haven't updated it for awhile, and it's off center for some reason..., still pretty cool though..

    Shelley and I will be up in New England next week....

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    hey, Jeff, it is always good

    hey, Jeff, it is always good to hear from you.  sorry you've been so busy but in reality that's a good thing, job security, right?!!  if you're ever in cincinnati OH please be sure to let me  know, I'd love to meet up for coffee or a hamburger or pie or coke, i think you get the

    God bless you,