advanced multiparametric mri t3 and color Doppler ultrasound imaging in boston area

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Hi. I am following active surveillance and  I wanted to know if there are any medical facilities in the Boston area that offer dre-mri (multiparametric mri with Tesla 3 ) and cdus(color doppler ultrasound)? I do not wish to use trus for my next biopsy. I want a targeted biopsy. Any recommendations?  thank you


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    multi-parametric mri with Tesla 3.0

    Excellent decision to have a multi-parametric mri with Tesla 3.0 as a basis for a targeted biopsy. This is a great choice , if there iareany suspicious core(s) that contain cancer, there is an ability to go back to the exact same spot(s) and surrounding area(s)for further investigation in the future. My layman's opinion is that this is the state of the art. The color doppler although very good does not have this capability.

    Not living in Boston, I can only suggest that you attend local support groups to get information, or simply call the major centers of excellence in the area.

    I've read that Sloan Kettering and NYU in NYC use multiparametric MRI's as a basis for  targeted biopsies..



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    An admirer of you

    I do not live in the USA so I cannot answer your inquire, but wanted to tell you that you got an “admirer” in this side of the Atlantic. You are procuring the best in your journey with AS. It may be worth to travel to a closer city to find a place, weren’t the exam available in Boston.

    I wonder your meaning of dre-mri. Are you looking for a dynamic contrast-enhanced imaging (DCE-MRI)?

    Multi parametric exams involve several techniques, software and equipments which results are combined to provide the best diagnosis. Surely there are differences among the techniques with higher points to the ones that use capabilities of a tesla 3. The multi-exam can be used just for the biopsy (your intension) pre or live, or it can include a total body exam (tissue and bone) which would serve you in future as comparison data, in the diagnosis of other purposes.

    MRI with VividLook (iCAD software) is one example of these techniques in use for pre-biopsies. Here you got an article that may be of your interest where they explain about the methods;


    You are following the best.

    Best wishes in your continuing AS treatment.