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I changed my profile pic. This was taken at my granddaughters wedding last April I found out a week before I had cancer. I never told anyone for some time after. If you look close you can see my swollen node on my neck the first sign I had. 


  • debbiejeanne
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    I didn't realize it was

    I didn't realize it was before cancer but I like it because it is a close up shot.  I think its a nice pic.  Since you mention it, i can see the lump on your neck.  I'm so glad that is all behind you now.

    God bless you,


  • phrannie51
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    I can see it....

    I had one pic taken when I got my hair cut the first's the only one that shows the node. 


  • patricke
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    Hey Jackie,

    This is a great pic, you look teriffic! 


  • katenorwood
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    Nice picture !

    Unless you're looking for it, most people wouldn't notice the node.  Actually most people wouldn't know what they were looking at if they saw it.  Really pretty picture !!!!  Katie