Chef Daddy Mike Up-date

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I got in touch with Mike and he is doing a lot better, still down and out but at lease he has a roof over his head. Hi brother had an old mobile travel home that he gave him. It needs a lot of work but like he said he’s got nothing better to do right now. He is planning to fix it up and start traveling south trying to pick up work in repairing kitchen equipment for restaurants as he moves south.


Thanks you all for your prayers

Tim Hondo


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    LOL.., good to hear.., thanks Tim..



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    tim,  that is WONDERFUL!! 

    tim,  that is WONDERFUL!!  I'm so glad he finally has a place to live and plan for his life.  I am keeping him and his daughter in my thoughts and prayers.  Please tell him I said hello.

    God bless you all,


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    Thanks for the update


    We do care, let Mike know we're all keeping him in our prayers !  Hugs sent !  Katie

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    God always comes through....and now he's got a roof and heading towards warmer weather....perfect.


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    Good for Mike

    if anyone on this site could use a break and some good news, Chef Daddy gets my vote. He is one resilient warrior.