Post-Surgery GI Issues After Ascending Colon, Cecal Valve, Partial Terminal Ileum Removal



I am posting this information to help out others and hopefully start a dialogue on what works to control SIBO, GERD, and such that occurs after surgery.


I had stage 2 appendix cancer that was first diagnosed as cecum (appendix was swollen and the large tumor was in the cecum).  Ascending colon, appendix, valve, and 42 cm of terminal ilieum removed.   Removal of cecal valve increases the odds of small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).  The small intestine does not like bacteria in it so it causes gas and diarrhea to get rid of it.   High fiber will worsen the condition since bacteria eat fiber so you get more gas and more explosive diarrhea.   SIBO can also lead to GERD.  I suffer all this and find it best to eat low carb with natural sauerkraut, freeze-dried blueberries (and/or Blueberry Extract Supplement; causes body to absorb more colon water), Kefir (low sugar version).  Proton Pump Inhibitors (e.g. Nexium)  are associated with causing SIBO that can then cause GERD.  Digestive Enzymes help much too.  I am experimenting with natural ways to control SIBO.  I am trying Garlic Extract right now but have trouble taking more than 2 capsules (1200mg).  Up next to test is Peppermint Oil extract.

What do others do to combat SIBO and GERD and get better digestion after this type of surgery?





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    Juicing totally took my gerd

    Juicing totally took my gerd caway, and not eating meat or sweets.