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Glowmore, I do agree with you about Puffin. She is a great person for coming on discussion board and giving great advice.  I am sure this is due to her education that she has in teaching medical students in nursing.  She always details everything great and even if you are feeling bad she can put a smile on your face also. She also is on chat room almost every night giving great encouragent and support to everyone and especially the newbies,What a great asset she is to CSN. Glowmore I just wanted to tell you that the Oncotype test did not come out until 2004. Even though you missed it a couple of years it did not bother you from having it done. You are an incrediable lady and have had this beast for many years and always giving good advice and you lift my spirits also. You always seem to be to be very positive and happy in your post and replies. I just wonder if it is because of the PINK DRINK IN THE BOTTLE. LOL.SmileSmileSmile   ((( HUGS )))   Pixie


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    Thanks Pixie

    I've been gone for a few days and almost missed your kind words........thank you for the hugs too  :)  We never get enough hugs you know.  :)

    I have to be honest and tell you that half the time I don't understand lots of these tests you girls are talking about.... I really don't ........and....when you talk about the Pink Drink in the Bottle now...I think of Pepto Bismol....  ha ha  I used to be a night owl and get on chats at night but now I have to go to bed lots earlier.

    I do really love the beginning your Home Page Pixie........because that is why I am still here....because God gave me a miracle.  :)  Happy Sunday night....