in cathy's memory

survivor9yrs Member Posts: 57

I met cathy through this discussion boards almost 2 years ago. She had just been diagnosed with primary angiosarcoma of the breast and was seeking information from anyone who could help her. Answering her post was the best thing I ever did. We became friends by emails and phone calls.  Even though we never met in person we were friends in the truest sense of the word.  Cathy had very poor medical care from her oncologist. Her first oncologist gave her chemo. when it didn't work, they did surgery. BUT he did not give her any more chemo. or find what chemos were being given for this kind of cancer. Therefore there was nothing to protect the rest of her body and In less than a year the cancer was back. Cathy fought so hard to live. She did all that was asked of her and more to survive. Eventually, the cancer won and Cathy died of this horrible desease.  I never heard her say she wasn't going to make it or give up in any way. She was so positive she would have longer to live than less than 2 yrs.  She would want all of you to know  what she went through and  wish everyone a healty, cancer free future.. I am a 14 yr survivor of breast cancer and a 5 yrs survivor of secondary breast angiosarcoma. I cherrish my time with Cathy and miss her emails. I can only hope she is in a better place and in no pain.

I wish all of you, who have had cancer and those who are fighting now, the best. I pray you are all survivors.