Large mass on front of thigh

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Hi all I'm sorry for the lack of introduction. I think I'm just too frightened to do so! 

I noticed my right thigh at the front was looking a bit strange about a month ago but brushed it aside. There was no pain it just looked an odd shape. I've looked at it since and it has definitely become more prominent and lump/mass shaped. Today i flexed both of my thigh muscles and noticed that my right thigh muscle had a noticeable bulge on it, towards the inner thigh probably 3 inches long and kind of oval, round shape. It's hardish and feels as if it is attached to the actual muscle as although it moves slightly, it is very difficult. There has never been any pain at all but it's really becoming more obvious. i know you are not doctors! But I don't want to go to a doctor and waste their time if it's nothing at all. I'm 35 and female by the way. 

Thank you you very very much for any input! I'm probably just being paranoid but it's growing so quickly I am kind of panicked.

love Shelley 


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    Of course you should!


    Of course you should have this checked immediately if you have not already done so!

    Common signs of cancer include:

    • Change in bowel or bladder habits
    • A sore that doesn't heal
    • Change in a wart or mole
    • Difficulty swallowing
    • Unusual bleeding or discharge
    • Thickening or a lump
    • Persistent cough or hoarseness

    My sister had a large lump that developed over time on her thigh.  It was very painful however.  After going to the doctors several times over a period of months, they finally took an x-ray and discovered she had osteosarcoma.

    Please go to the doctor.  If you are not satisified with the answer--be persistant.  If it continues to grow or gets painful, demand at the very least an x-ray!!!!!

    Good luck to you.

  • MRI

    MRI done ?