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I am new to the site, I tried to find out if anything was posted about HBOT but couldn't. Have any of you tried HBOT?  My husband is 5 month post radiation, he has a severe burn in the back of his mouth, and they are now wanting us to try HBOT .....I have googled and now I would like some real opionions please.  Thank you Christy


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    I am just finishing HBOT but for a fissure above my wisdom tooth.  I am also 2 years out from last treatment.  I doubt that it can hurt and might help with the healing, that being said, mine didn't heal!  It is a time commitment, we have an hour todrive there, 2 1/2 hours in chamber and an hour home.  I don't know why, but it tires me.  Also has effected my vision, which should come back in a few months after treatment.  You might want to contact HBOT and find out what there experience is with this.