rectal stents

I need to know if anyone has this, Mine was placed in August and is causing problems which very likely cause death, Was Winneypooh but forgot password so i am now againstallodds, 6 years and cancer contained doing well but rectal stent is trying to kill me


  • Annabelle41415
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    Welcome Back Stranger

    I'm not sure about that procedure but hopefully someone can help you out.  Did you call your doctor to find out if they can answer your question?  Hope you get this resolved soon as it sounds pretty scary.


  • herdizziness
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    Hey girl

    Miss seeing your picture (your smiling face) but sure am glad to see you.

    I can't help you on rectal stent, but hope someone can, cause I sure don't like hearing you in pain and helpless feeling. Pm lease keep us posted.

    Hugs amd Luv,

    Winter Marie

  • Goldie1
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    My husband did...

    have a rectal stent for 6 months, while getting radiation & chemo treatments to help shrink the tumor, before his surgery.  It did give him some relief from the pressure, he did still have a bit of discomfort, but not major pain.  Have you talked to your doc/surgeon about this?   

    Take care,