my mom is starting chemo

So this is my first post. I needed a way to share my fears and anger without putting more stress on those around me.  On Monday my mom starts chemo. I'm terrified of what's to come. My husband and I life 4 states away from her. In fact right now we are racing to Illinois so I can hung her. It's a strange thing about mommas isn't it, we spend our life's telling them that we can do it on our own or how we don't want help, or we're fine on our own....and than the possibility of not having them there (just in case we actually can't do whatever) feels like the world is ending. The idea of her, nope I can't finish that thought.  All I want is to wake up and this whole thing to have not happened, but I know that is not going to happen. I guess I just needed to say I'm scared to anyone and to not be strong for a moment.  Thanks whoever is out there 


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    I was diagnosed last month

    I was diagnosed last month and I feel numb.  I don't know how to process all this.  I started a journal and maybe you should do the same.  This is a part of you mother's story but it is certainly not the end.  My faith keeps me moving forward because I certainly cannot do this alone.  Call on God He can do whst doctors cannot.  I live with my 80 yr old mother and I am so grateful I have her because I believe in some way she is keeping me safe and strong with God's mercy.  God Bless you and your family and NEVER give up hope.

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    KissYou are not alone, it is a new way of life, you and your family can make the difference for your Mom,,remember to be patient and at times it will be difficult. Best of luck and keep us posted!