Throat cancer..? Any help please

I've been sick over a month (sore throat,fever 99.9-100, sores on tongue but only for a few days And now swollen lymph nodes behind right ear like in that bone? and super tired and body aches) 3 drs and still don't know anything.. I have a ENT apot for Friday but was still worried and wanted to ask here.  My tonsils are not swollen but have like "knots" on them I guess and I have some small bumps in throat.  Any help will be great! nt dr told me I had hpv and maybe it went to my throat(oral sex) I was just wondering is this what cancer can look like???

thank you everyone so much!  If you had HPV that caused cancer please share you're story 


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    Welcome to the site, I am sorry you feel badly.

    I did have tongue cancer and it was hpv+, but I had no pain, fever or know anything was wrong.  I did have a swollen lymph node which was my indicator.

    Until my biopsy came back positive I held out hope for it to be nothing.

    You do not know anything for sure yet.  We say “it isn’t cancer until they say it is cancer”.

    HPV can take many years to develop into cancer.

    Cross your fingers,


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    Welcome to H&N

    I had cancer of the larynx Stage3 but it was not HPV. It's good your going to an ENT he will be able to find out what is wrong. Having a temp at 100 is not that bad, and your lymph glands will enlarge if you have an infection, thats just them doing there job. I think you will be fine and cone out clean and just an infection. Remember....It's not cancer until a medical doctor say's so.  Will add you to my prayer list.


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    right move

    Hi Amy Allen,

    You are doing the right thing by going to the brothers and sisters who are there to determine what if anything needs to be addressed. Keep calm, your faith and prayers are sent your way. josh r.

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    Hi Amy

    You are like most of us here just hang in there and do your best. The way I look at things is that it’s not C until the Dr tells you it is C. Either way you are in the right place for help and support, so Welcome to CSN H&N.


    Tim Hondo

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    HPV ...


    Hi, my loved one was dx with SCC BOT (base of tongue), HPV+, 2 lymph nodes involved. He did not have any symptoms such as fever, tired, or body aches. He found a tiny bump on his neck while shaving, which was one of the lymph nodes swollen- treated with antibiotic first, and no difference, so it was followed with a fine needle biopsy.

    Your issue sounds like an infection. If your ENT prescribes an antibiotic and it doesn't go away, then request a biopsy.

    Hang in there.

    Prayers sent your way that it is a simple infection and you may need your tonsils out. Smile


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    The symptoms I witnessed with throat cancer were coughing up blood and finding it harder and harder to breathe over time.  Sounds like you have an infection.  Don't go down the cancer road until a possible infection has been addressed.  Good Luck.

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    Sorry to hear but your in the

    Sorry to hear but your in the right place.Like Matt I had no pain no blood.The only thing I did have was that it felt like something was stuck under tounge.And still thought nothing about it.My thoughts were that it was a cyst and would go away.Well it didn't and last Nov finally went to see a doctor which sent me right away for a pet scan.Really didn't think or say cancer until he told it was a tumor and was cancer.But was lucky with the surgen he sent me to.Still a long road but not as bad as it was.Not sure what really caused it.Surgen said could be smoking could from diet pop,the plastic bottles ,certain foods.But in anyrate you will get though this as we have.Do what they tell you and always push forward..

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    HPV Positive


     I was not aware that I was HPV positive until after my ENT surgeron removed my tonsil and several lymphnodes.  I spent three months on strong antibiotics and multple visits to my family practisioner. I had a sore throat and it felt like something was stuck in the back of my throat. My left ear rang constantly.  The ENT doc wasted no time in ordering a needle biopsy of the left tonsil. Turns out, unfortunately, I had cancer caused by the HPV virus.  I would definitely keep the ENT appointment and don't worry about "C" until you have been diagnosed. Hang in there and keep your thoughts positive. I wish you the best and hope you feel better soon. 



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    Sounds like infection to me

    Sounds like infection to me as well. Jim had base of tongue cancer stage four and the only symptom was pain in the ear. No temperature, no sores, not tired. Praying all is resolved quickly.