BunnyMom Update Finished Treatment.

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I haven't posted for months. I finally finished treatment almost three weeks ago. I'm in recovery now. 

My treatment was five days inpatient, nine days home for seven rounds so treatment actually lasted about 14 weeks. One time per day radiation (35 rounds) with 5 FU and Hydrea. 

I was very focused on the treatment during the entire time. It seems that it took every ounce of energy and focus to get through it. I'm so glad to be finished. But during the entire treatment, I never thought about recovery or what that would be like. 

So here I am three weeks into recovery. I managed toget through treatment without a feeding tube so I try to concentrate on eating the best I can and staying hydrated. im getting better and notice that I can eat and swallow much better. I still have some mouth sores on the side of my tongue and throat but I'm able to eat many foods I couldn't before while I was in treatment. I noticed the other day that my siliva is less than before. I have no idea if this will come back. My tastebuds are also very different. I understand this will come back. Does anyone know how long this will take?

im not sure what recovery looks like or what to expect. I could use some guidance with this. the side of my neck where I had the radiation, is tight. I feel mouth pain on that side as well. 

I have my first scan one month post treatment and that is on October 3rd. I then meet with Onc and rad doctors on October 6th. I can't say that I'm not scared. Logic tells me that after just going through treatment it would be difficult to imagine a bad scan especially since it's so soon. 

Can someone please lend some support? Like I said, i was very focused on going through treatment, staying strong, hydrated, eating just being present and making my way through it. I wasn't very focused on post treatment and recovery. How long does it take to get back to some semblance of normalcy. I just want my life back. I'm feeling anxiety and some depression but am still trying to keep this in check with positive thoughts. Any support you could offer would be graciously appreciated. 

Thank you.