Crowdfunding platform to develop a patent-free kidney cancer drug

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Interesting concept. Obviously still in development but another example of the development of prospective treatments for kidney cancer. It should be noted I'm posting out of interest and not solicitation purposes. 


"Dr. Isaac Yonemoto founded ySciInd as a crowdfunding platform for MarilProject yn— a campaign that seeks to develop a patent-free cancer drug based on an open-source ideology.

“When software development was still new, people thought patents would be the only way to protect good ideas,” Yonemoto said. “But what we’re finding out, especially on the Android platform, is that open-source encourages communication and can lead to a superior, cost-effective product.”

The drug, known as 9DS, was found to be most effective against kidney cancer, melanoma, and triple negative breast cancer in an NCI-60 study, which pits potential cancer drugs against 60 different kinds of cancer cells."


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    I think this is just a method

    I think this is just a method to fund the initial research.  The sales pitch sounds good, but not unusual.  When I was at the AACR Conference in San Diego last April there were dozens of researchers making a sales pitch to get funding.  What is interesting is that it mentions an NCI study, but I could not find 9DS when I searched the NCI WEB site.