3 yrs. out from dx

Wednesday was my 3 year out mark from being dx with stage 4 vaginal cancer. Looking back, I could only see forward moment by moment. I couldn't see myself this far out. But, I guess it's that way for everyone. You have to use all you have in you to push through each minute, each treatment, each testing. I still get abit stressed out when it comes to PET scans now, but not as bad as it used to be. God has gotten me through this horrific ordeal and I was blessed with the best oncologists, surgeons and treatment. I realize how lucky I am, I have lost a dear friend to this type cancer, as well as friends and family members to cancer, (my SIL just a month ago). 

I keep up with all of you on this site, checking in every week. You are all in my thoughts and prayers and I wish remission for each and every one of you. You are all such brave, strong women who have lifted each other up throughout your battles. I am so grateful to be a small part of this site. Thank you for your inspiration and friendship. You are the best!!!!



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    You are quite brave yourself!

    Dana, so great to hear you are 3 years out and doing well!  That's great news! love to hear success stories and to hear how strong & positive people can be.  It truly helps me stay strong and keep a positive outlook on my own life.  thank you for your story and for sharing. 

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    This is WONDERFUL!  It isn't

    This is WONDERFUL!  It isn't just amazing to find out strong you really are?  Celebrate you!

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