Throat Cyst Removal Recovery Question

Hi so I had surgery where my ENT removed a cyst at the base of my tounge. He told me I should feel no pain but 5 days later every time I swallow I feel stabbing knife sharp pain where the cyst used to be. I'm a little concerned because he said it's not cancer and I'm concerned because he sent it in for pathology test Monday morning and Tuesday after noon he said he checked with pathology and they said it wasn't cancer. Is it possible to tell that fast if it's cancer or not. Also is this swallowing stabbing pain normal after 5 days from the surgery?


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    Welcome to the H&N forum, fortunately for you, it sounds like you are in the clear.

    I did have cancer removed from my base of tongue and experienced very little pain.  Your pain  is likely very normal and with some pain meds to take the edge off, you should be feeling better quickly.  If not, contact your doctor soon.

    As for the biopsy, once it hits the lab and is examined, the results could be immediate.

    Other than the pain you may be a lucky soul.


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    Welcome to the H&N

    Welcome and it's nice to hear you do not have cancer. As for the pathology results my surgen had mine while he was still doing the surgery. He had to know if more surgery had to be done, he had pathology standing by during mine. They can get the answer very fast when needed. Sorry you have pain but it will ease up soon. The toung and neck has a lot of nerves and where the cyst was removed will be sore. The pain meds will help while it heals. Let your ENT know you do have pain and he will hep you with this.

    Best of luck and glad to hear yours was clean.