Watering eyes

Hello everyone, I finished chemo about four weeks ago. But my eyes are watering a lot. I've been to the eye's doctor but nothing is helping. Does anyone have that experience? Please let me know what you use.


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    Block Tear Duct

    See an eye specialist.  I once had watery eyes due to a block tear duct.  So it is possible that you have such a thing.  Lots of things including chemo can bring them on.




    PS:  Keep us informed

  • Pixie Dust
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    Watering Eyes

    When I had chemo my eyes sometimes would water like a water fountain. I used so many boxes of tissues. This is very aggravating but it is a SE from your chemo. This will keep on until a few weeks after your last treatment. Sorry I could not give you better news.    Hugs, Pixie Dust

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    Taxotere and many other types

    Taxotere and many other types of chemo can do this.  My onc warned me that I would have watery eyes, but, instead, I got a watery nose.  I just keep Puffs (tissues) everywhere.  I have been off the taxotere now for about 9 months and my nose does the watery thing less often, but it still happens.  I would ask my oncologist.

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    Eyes STILL Watering

    I had 4 rounds of A/C and 12 rounds of Taxotere. My last chemo was in August 2010. When I would complain to my oncologist he would say, "Oh it will stop eventually. I have never had a patient whose eyes continued to water." My eyes STILL continue to water four years later! Until recently I had gone to two different opthamologists and an optometrist. My optometrist said,"Have you ever been told that your puncta are almost completely blocked?" Well, of course, the answer was NO. (By the way, they are 2 puncta on each eye. They serve to produce and clear tears from the eyes.) He then referred me to an oculofacial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. She almost immediately concurred with that diagnosis. She said this is not an uncommon probem with the Taxane class of drugs. In fact, at Johns Hopkins where she did her fellowship she said when a patient is going to get either Taxol or Taxotere they work closely with the opthamology dept. Frequently stents are placed in the eyes as a preventative measure. Wish I had been given this information  prior to the Taxotere rounds. I am beyond angry about this. Four years of red, watery eyes could have been prevented entirely! In April I had the surgery to have the stents placed in my eyes but the procedure had to be aborted because upon probing she determined that my puncta were far too damaged for this to be effective. I have a couple of options left so there is still hope. My strong recommendation to you is not to let this problem go untreated for too long. Please consult with an oculofacial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. They specialize in problems with the lacrimal drainage system. 

    I wish you the best of luck. I know only too well how awful this problem can be.