Weirdest side effects after NPC treatments

After my npc treatment, i am having these strange side effects and wondering if anyone experiencing the same, such as, one side of my **** frequntly start to ace during the night, the bottom half of my mouth and lips/chin is numb, i cant touch my hair because it will hurt my head. Is these normal side effects? Even my doctor was puzzled when i told him so. Any clue?


  • Hondo
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    Sounds about right


    Believe it or not I have all the same side effects and a few more, my doctors could not figure it out either, but it is all radiation damage to the nerves. I finally found some help is going to a Neurologist, but I had problems finding a good Neurologist who worked with radiation damage people like me. After a lot of trying I finally found one here in Lafayette who I trust, he cares enough to sit down and explain to me what is happing and why. We are still trying different drugs but I feel I am getting better.


    Hope this helps

    Tim Hondo


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    Nerve Issues

    After rads about 6weeks later I started to get a shooting pain from behind my right ear and it would go up into my head. It felt like a lighting bolt and would slightly build up and then last for 2-5 minutes. I could have one a day or six episodes. There was no pattern why they started and nothing helped to alleviate the pain I even had them a couple of times when I was sleeping. The pain was so great that i would just curl up in the fetal position and just cry. 3-4 months later, they stopped happening for no reason. Nerve pain is no fun