So, Peg and I finalized our divorce today...

She fed me well while I was down and out for several weeks but she really started to become a pain at the end. Insisting that I change her dress every day and having to clean around her all the time was becoming a chore. I told her weeks ago that I didn't need her to feed me anymore and I could feed myself, and I frankly lost all interest. We went to the doctor for help and it was a real John Wayne moment when he had to pull her off of me. It hurt momentarily, but the moment was brief and we said our was for the best...


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    best laugh I've had all day, you are a wit JCF, HAD ME FOOLED FOR A SECOND.

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    Well.. JC

    Really happy you parted ways and she left you happy.. but not thrilled as she must have turned  *lesbian* and moved in with me .. can't say I am happy to have her, but if she feeds me and cares for me for a few months guess I can handle the situation. Even my hubby doesn't seem to mind she moved in !

    Prayers and Hugs! 


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    It's a great feeling...

    isn't it? Mine was named Peggy and she was great to have when I needed her...BUT...when it was time for her to go, I didn't miss her :) Congrats!!!

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    Mine left me in March

    I had mine removed in March - still had leaking for a couple of months.  And in May, my doctor had to clamp it shut from the inside. 

    Finally all healed.

    In the trunk of my car is the last of the Glucerna 1.2 - I'll be taking it to the cancer center tomorrow - And will be happy all remnents are gone (except for the scar on the belly!)

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    Glad you left in good terms


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    PEG no more

    JC F,

    Pop, fizz oh what a relief it is!

    Eat on,


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    CivilMatt said:

    PEG no more

    JC F,

    Pop, fizz oh what a relief it is!

    Eat on,



    ...mind you, I still have little to no taste of most things. My swallowing is fine but eating is not much fun when you can't taste anything. Still drinking some ensure and boost every day and trying to eat things but the process is still joyless at the moment.

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    All divorces are painful....

    but you know you did the right thing, when the pain of total separation only lasts a few minutes.

    Ain't it wonderful to have her gone?? :)

    Since you can't taste, go for texture!  I had a love affair going with Vegitable Beef soup, and French bread, slathered in butter.....I'd soak that bread in the soup.....chewing the crust was out of the world good to me.


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    JC F, you are a hoot!!  i had

    JC F, you are a hoot!!  i had a good laugh on your post.  congrats on the special divorce!  that is a divorce we all looked forward to.  i was lucky, my tube fell out so no pain involved.  glad the pain wasn't too bad for you and you are now eating on your own.  welcome back to this side of living.

    God bless you,


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    Good very good

    At first I said what!   

    thanks for the laugh, Looks like I will be married to her for LIFE like it or not.


    Tim Hondo

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    Very funny

    Very funny

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    Leaving Ped

    Great story. I need to pass this along. Thanks for the smile.