Anone have experience with Etoposide, pill form or a second bout of radiation? My husband is fighting an Anaplastic Oligodendroglioma Grade 3. The doctor's thought there was something on the MRI 2 months ago and suggested more radiation.After reviewing with the tumor board, it was determined that they weren't 100% sure it was tumor growth and felt it was results from his treatments. They took him off all chemo and wanted him back in two months.   His doctor says it is ok to repeat radiation after 2 years but I'm still skeptical. I want his quality of life to be good for him. The bad news is it is tumor growth 1.6 cm total, including the growth from 2 months ago . Two months ago it ws 1.2 cm. He is now on Etoposide for two months and then we go back. Praying this chemo will help! Please keep us in your prayers! If there is anyone out there with experience with this chemo or with a second round of radiation, I would like to hear your story.


God Bless!



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    2nd radiation for GBM

    My husband did etoposide and cytoxin via IV the evening prior to carboplatin via intra-arterial. He did this for 6 months before a 2nd recurrence. This began 14 months after initial diagnosis, standard radiation and temodar. He had no side effects from the etoposide other than fatigue to be expected from chemo. 2 years after diagnosis he had gamma knife. It was amazing to witness this radation procedure after experiencing the 30 trips to radiation therapist for tradition radiation. In and out in one day and little side effects, other than fatigue. I do feel that at this point my hubby just didn't bounce back as quickly. Each carboplatin treatment after this just made him increasingly more tired. Unfortunately, two months post gamma knife he had a horrible seizure and began falling. This was the beginning of the end. He passed away on August 29th. We both knew we did everything available to keep him as good as we could for as long as we could. My Greg fought hard with every tool available and the gamma knife may not have bought us a ton of time, but gave us both peace that we tried everything possible. It did keep that area of disease from growing, but could not keep the tumor outside the treatment area from reaching areas of the brain that caused his worsening syptoms.  2 years and 4 months after GBM became my world, I am a widow at 33, and I have no regrets. Best wishes to you and your family. God Bless.

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    My son has had RT twice, second time full brain and spine, he has tried Etoposide and a million other things that failed. 10 months ago he had 10+ tumours in his brain and 2 in the spine affecting his movment.

    We started hyperbaric oxygen, after a week he ran, 3 months later all tumours shrank, this is no 'lite' tumour anaplastic ependymoma, very aggresive, no chemo protocol and radiation resistant, in fact his tumours grew through radiation, he has failed immunotherapy and targeted therapies.

    Now tumous still shrinking, many have gone, one is stable, doctors are amazed and a clinical trial is starting based on this.

    Proof is in the pics, give me an email if your interested

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    My Deep Respect

    Tumor growth from 1.2 cm to 1.6 cm in 2 months is a serious issue... I hope and pray for your husband that he will be ok and spend rest of his life with family... My Deep prayers on it.

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    jimmyadam said:

    My Deep Respect

    Tumor growth from 1.2 cm to 1.6 cm in 2 months is a serious issue... I hope and pray for your husband that he will be ok and spend rest of his life with family... My Deep prayers on it.

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    Thank you for responding

    I appreciate the responses. My condolences regarding your husband. My husband seems to be handling the Etoposide very well. 

    I'm glad there is shrinkage happening for your son.

    I'm not on here often. I find I sometimes get too depressed when I get on this site. I guess because most of the people I communicated with when I joined this site has passed or their loved ones have passed. I feel blessed to have been able to communicate with so many on this site. My husband is tired, but he's doing ok. I thank God for each and every day we have together. God Bless and keep fighting!