Low Sodium ideas

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Ever since my kidney removal on 8/11/14, my doctor has told me that I need to be on a low sodium diet.  I am a salt girl and always have been.  Does anyone have any ideas of how to stop these salt cravings.  I am about ready to lick the salt shaker.


Thank you


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    Hi.  Thanks for the laugh!  When my husband was in the hospital they took away the salt and gave him Mrs. Dash seasonings.  It took some getting used to.  We have also tried to use more random spices, onions and peppers, grilling etc..  After awhile you just get used to it.  

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    I have been using a lot more

    I have been using a lot more pepper and I have some Mrs. Dash.  It is ok on some things but not others.  I have been reading the lables and trying some of the low sodium or low salt options.  They help a bit as well but I am having so kind of sodium withdrawal.  I hope that it will ease soon as I adjust to not having it. Any thoughts on salt subsitutes such as Accent?  Are they allowed?