I am cancer free

I am cancer free since 2013 and  want to know if i can drink red wine??   let me know..


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    Can you have a drink of wine,



    It depends. Were you told not to drink and if so why? If you were not, one glass of wine in moderation is a good way to celebrate one year cancer free. This suggestion is NOT to supercede anything your doctor may have said to the contrary.



  • aamdsi
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    Hi Chaska

    Congrats on the clear year!

    i had an open partial in March of this year and was cleared for an occasioinal glass of "cheer" once was off the pain meds. Emphasis on the occasional.  But concur with Iceman, ask Doctor if in doubt.

    cheers 8-)

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    Alcohol and Renal Cancer

    Chaska. Notwithstanding anything your doctor tells you, most of the studies that suggest a risk factor from moderate alcohol consumption are only OBSERVATIONAL studies.  They only show correlations.  And correlations are not causation. That is to so say, these papers are not based on random controlled trials (RCT's) - the only kind of test that might determine actual causality.  To understand the vital importance of the distinction, refer here:


    In fact, although many observational studies suggest a higher risk of breast cancer for women who consume alcohol, renal cancer is just the opposite!  Some studies suggest that a moderate amount of alcohol might actually lower the risk of RCC.  But again - this is only based on observational studies, not any RCT.

    Observational studies can suggest various hypotheses that might then be tested in an RCT but they cannot and should not be taken as establishing causality.

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    Drinking red wine.

    Only if your over 21!

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    Unless you have any issues that would imply you should stay completely off it, then having a glass of wine once in a while, or even half a bottle, wont harm you.

    If in doubt and want to be absolutely sure, have your kidney and liver numbers checked.