Being sent to oncology, advice ???

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After seeing several drs and being hospitalized last month, I'm being sent to the oncologist/hemotologist. Any advice? My mri shows suspicious fluid in five sites between L1-L5 and the morrow is showing red cell conversion. I've been mute sick than ever for a full month now and I'm not sure what symptoms to point out at the appointment. Each Dr has said to me it looks like leukemia. What should I expect at the appt?






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    Oncology appt.

    Know that you are on needles & pins.  I was. My high white count was discovered last fall.  My MD said come back later for recheck. Later the count was higher.  The oncologist looked at this blood work and said you have cll leukemia.  Of course, I've had a bone marrow and other tests since.  But I do have cll.  But, the shock was hearing it on the first visit. So be prepared to hear anything!  Good luck!!

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    symptoms and first hemotologist/oncologist appt


    After feeling progressively fatigued for about a year, with bone pain, headaches, poor appetite, i went to my primary care provider.


    . A CBC 



    Showed severe anemia with elevated leukocytes, hemocrit of 8.5 and low red blood cell volume and size , i have an appt with a hemotologist/oncologist thus coming thursday.



    All of this after being five years cancrr free of colon cancer after successful surgery.



    i asked my care team what to expect at the appt, i was told they would do more specific blood workup


    a physical,


    and lots of questions, family history etc. They didn't say the L word, but the checklist of symptoms matched

    what i looked up fir keukemia.


    At this point i have been there before at that first oncology appt. I am nervous, sure, but grateful


    that after the appt i will know for sure what it is and what is going on with my abnormal blood counts etc.