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Hi everyone    I have been lurking around this site since my diagnose september 2013.  35 yrs old male. radical nephrectomy in October 2013 pathology chromophobe rcc stage 2.  9 cm tumour I've had 2 scans all clear am due for scan in 2 weeks and scanxiety all over again just like the first time. 





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    My husband scans is coming up Oct 2013

    I get scanxiety ABOUT scanxiety. My husband (47yrs) was also diagnosed with chromphobe in October 2013. He goes on Oct 28th. Wishing you clear scans, or NED as we say here. 

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    I was dx in 2008 and also had a radical nephrectomy. I am also coming up on my yearly scans in october. There is no way around it, you're going to be nervous and worried, but the best thing to do is just accept it and not try to fight it. It's completely normal and natural to have anxiety, we had cancer and now are having a scan to see if its recurred, we'd be crazy not to be worried, but how not to let it consume you.

    For me, I pray alot and I try not to think about it until I absolutely have to, like the day before, that can be hard to do, i know, but try. Distract yourself with other activities, I like to read, do crossword puzzles and watch movies or tv that make me laugh or engage me. And i just tell myself "now I am healthy and i'm not going to worry until i know different". The day of scan and the couple of days after can be very nerve wracking but again don't try to fight it just be like I'm nervous and thats normal but "now I am healthy and i'm not going to worry until i know different", see its like a mantra.  Actually the very day after the scan I like to get out of the house (i don't work) for the whole day and go shopping or the movies, I don't want to be home alone when that phone rings. I turn my cell phone off and no one can reach me. I have to admit I jump when the phone rings for the first few days thinking that my dr is calling with bad news. One time my dr. called me at 9pm at night, I wanted to kill him, if I wasn't so happy that it was good news, I might have.

    Also, if you live with someone, Wife, partner, parents (I try to keep my fears away from my children) whomever, share with them what you're going thru. We tend to be cranky and miserable when we're anxious and when someone else knows what you're thinking about not only can they help you out by helping with the distractions or picking up the slack around the house, but they can at least understand why we're acting "crazy" LOL>


    It does get easier with time to practice some of these coping skills and I still get nervous myself, but i look at it like God has given me this wonderful day to be alive, why waste it worrying. And of course, when you find out the great news that "all is clear" then treat yourself to a lunch out, or drink or whatever. What do guys buy for a reward?

    All the best and good health to us all.