Cervical cancer....... I was happy to believe

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer July, 2013. I had external radiation, chemo, and internal radiation. 

On my first PET scan my Drs found something they called "pooling" near my rectum. After treatment 

one of my Drs wanted to explore this further. I was givin a colonostopy, they found nothing. A few months later

I went to the Dr who had givin me the internal radiation. He was going to do a scan. At the last minute he 

decided not to do the test. He never really told me why. He told me further test will be left up to my regular

cancer Dr. A month later I went to see my regular cancer Dr for a followup appointment. I asked about a final PET

scan. He said he had no reason to do one and then asked if I wanted one. I told him "yes" I would have felt much

better having one to make sure myself that there wasn't any cancer. He assured me that he felt that they had this

cancer gone and it appeared to be gone. I was happy to believe him. For 4 months everything seemed to be fine. However,

I was still very tired all the time. I started to notice changes in my bowels I thought maybe it was a reaction to

radiation. It got worse. I told my cancer dr about it. He found a lump in my rectum. It was from the cervical cancer.

i am now faced with a full removal of my rectum, a full hysterectomy, and a permanent colostomy. I'm very angry.

i had believed I was a survivor, I believed my cancer was gone, I believed a final PET scan was not necessary, 

I believed my drs were right. I guess I shouldn't have been such believer. 


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    I am so sorry.  There is

    I am so sorry.  There is nothing I can say to help, but you do have every right to be angry.  I stopped to say a little prayer for you and will continue to pray for you. 

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    I'm sorry that you are

    I'm sorry that you are dealing with a recurrence.  I have recurrent cervical cancer as well.  No one can predict the future, but please continue to believe that this surgery will be your cure and you will continue to enjoy a long wonderful life.  Hope is powerful.  Hugs.

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    So Sorry

    So sorry to hear of your recurrence and dissatisfaction with your treatment.  Hopefully, this surgery will take care of the recurrence.  Try to stay positive and believe that you CAN beat this!!!  Try not to focus on what has happened, but look forward to beating this recurrence.  Research, ask questions and become your own advocate.  Wishing you the best as you start this next phase of your journey back to health.



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    sorry to hear about your

    sorry to hear about your recurrence. I am dealing with one too, also missed by the doctors in the initial assessment. Don't give up. Be strong and you'll make it