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Hello Community,
October 11th will mark 2 years since my stage 2B breast cancer diagnosis. In the last year I've spent a lot of time thinking about what kind of survivor I want to be and putting my professional experience as a researcher/writer and yoga teacher to work developing strategies to prevent a reoccurrence and deal with the fall out from chemo, radiation, surgery, lymphodema, and reconstruction. I started a blog to help myself stay on track and provide a resource for other survivors. I would be so honored to hear what other survivors thought about it. Please visit and comment if you can and pass on to anyone else you think it might help. I'm sure many of you can understand how much the project means to me. I had such a hard time finding resources that were valid and didn't upset me once I got to the other side of treatment and really dove in. The resource I've tride to create is my solution to that. The blog web address is the blog is called My Careful, Joyful Life...after cancer.