I had dreaded EUP

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And I did just fine.  The anesthesiologist said she was going to give me propofol as it usually has less nausea associated with it. All my crazy mind could think of was “Wasn't propofol what killed Michael Jackson?” Lol, Danny said I woke up from procedure mumbling about Michael Jackson. 

Anyway, there is a mass on my pancreas but surgeon had no idea whether it is malignant. Biopsies done. Now the wait. 

The best part for me is that he didn't have to remove my stent. Yay!

I see my favorite onc on Monday and I have a ton of questions.

I love you all!!!!  


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    I think a lot of people have used the drugs that Michael Jackson took.  However, not all together and not using them everyday.

    Will you have the results of your biopsy before Monday.  I am hoping it is benign.  



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    I have annual coloscopy and

    I have annual coloscopy and for years was sick as a dog post test for 2-3 days...but for some years now I get Propfal and LOVE IT...and yes I THINK OF M.J. too...but works great for my unpleasant procedures each year.