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I was just diagnosed last week with breast cancer  in both breasts.    i guess I am still in shock and cant believe this is happening to me.    I chose to have both breasts removed and I am not having them reconstructed.     A little nervous about the lymph nodes issue.  My doctor  told me after both breasts are removed,  I will be cancer free.    Scared about lymph nodes and hope I dont have to have chemotherapy.   Anyones  advise?



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    So Sorry 1938...

    There is not a woman here who has not been hit by the Train that got you last you are where you need to be and we ALL understand what it is like.   Sending you thoughts and prayers and encouragement as you move through this process going forward....and please do remember that there are many survivors here and we will all be praying for you for all good results and hope you don't have lymph node envolvement either.  Sending a Big Hug.... 


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    Hi.  Me too both sides and

    Hi.  Me too both sides and double masectomy.  Of course you will worry about nodes.  Mine were clear, hope the same for you.  I would think there is a good chance of chemo, you must talk in depth to your cancer carers.  It depends on size, tyep, ect.  We are in remission though, meaning it may or may not return even after mastectomies.  We are what I would say a cancer survivor at this moment in time.  Please, please, keep in touch and ask any questions about your procedure and after care.  We have lots of very helpful tips to make it easier for you.

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    welcome-this is a great

    welcome-this is a great place..I wish I had look up info about this site at teh start. I idn't find it until 2 yrs later..


    Great place to vent, ask for advice etc..