Salvage Radiation Therapy with ADT

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Hi everyone,

Wondering if anyone has a similar t3b diagnosis.

I'm new to the board. I'm age 64, healthy and had no symptoms or family history of PC but took the PSA test anyway.

1/14 - PSA of 7, wich lead to a biopsy report of 3+3=6. Low volume PC in 2 of 12 cores. It was only an MRI that revealed a SVI (right vessel).

3/8/14 robotic surgery. Pathology report. T3b, GS 4+3=7, tertiary 5. positive margin, SVI (right). N0, M0.

6/13/14 PSA rose to .2(DT)- yikes!

6/22/14 Began ADT (Lupron)- ugh!

7/22/14 PSA .1- yes!

8/19 Began SRT at BIDEC in Boston.  I've completed 9 radiation sessions with 25 to go. Continence is very good. I did not spare nerves so will have to deal with erectile issues later.



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    Hey Boston... Sound like the

    Hey Boston... Sound like the same stats that I got at the end of my surgery in March 2010 (age 54).  The difference is that I had Zeros in the PSA department for about 18+ months then my psa was between .1 to .2 for about another 18 months and now it has bounced between .3-.5 the last 14 months or so and they spared my nerves...I'm looking into SRT and hope they do not suggest ADT....I wish you all the best in your treatment in a journey none of us signed up for...