prostrate cancer

Hi  can  someone  please  help  me  my  old   man  was  told  he  has  prostrate  cancer  las  year  but  was  told  that  it  was  that  small  that  it  wouldnt  need  treatment  that  they  would  check  it  every  now  and  than  so   we  were  put  it  to the  back  and  carry  on  with  lifeso  why  isit  4mth  latter  we new  something  was  wrong  and  they  droped  a  bom  an  said  we r  sorry  but  it  had  grown  fastly  it  had  shot  up his  psa  level should  not  of  shot  up  fast  rate  it  was  score  now  at  ll  an  rising  he  needs to start  hormone  therpy  now  than  radiotherapy  with  chemo  we  r in  bits  now  he  says  he  carnt  do it   he wants  no treatment   at all  I no  he  scared  especially  what  he  went  through  with  his  little  boy  he past  away  at 18 mth  old  if  u  would  like  to  understand  please  feel  free to read  my  blog  he  says  he  needs  to  look after  me  he  carnt  do  it  with   treatment  iam  wheelchair  bound   with  m.s  an  feeding   tube  I told  him  now  I need  to  look  after  him  he  is  refusing  treatment  can  any  one  please  tell  me  what  chance  has  got  without   treatments  an  how  long  I  feel  so alone  its  scaring  the  hell  out  me  when  he a sleep  I  lay  there  an  sob  how  long  will  I  have  him  for  an  what  I  need  to  keep  my  eyes  on  it  getting  worse  what  do  I  look out  for  he  says  he  wants  to  enjoy  life  with  his  grandchildren  why  he  can  will  it  be  quick  an  what  pain  meds  will I  have  to  get  him  thank  u   


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    Detailed data is missing


    I am sorry for the diagnosis of your “old” man. Without more data on his status we cannot advice you or share opinions with you. The best would be to encourage him to come to this forum and discuss with us about his concerns.

    Do you know his PSA level?
    Does he have any symptoms?
    How old is he?
    What make him to visit the doctor who told him of the cancer?

    Prostate cancer is usually slow growing allowing the patient time to treat it properly. These kind of treatments also allows patients to lead normal lives so that he may continue to help you as usual. It all depends on how advanced the case is.

    You can also get help from a local support group. You may find their address close to you in this link; States

    Maybe your old man wants to visit them or contact by mail or phone.

    Best wishes and luck in his journey.

    Welcome to the board,