Small Cell Metastasis Lung Cancer

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My mother was diagnosed with a large tumor in her lung and we quickly found out it had spread to a place in her spine and adrenal gland. She has been through a couple months of chemotherapy and now has underwent a couple weeks of heavy radiation. We have come to a point now where the doctor says take a month off and come back in for WBR. I'm not sure if she's telling me the whole story or not, but she says the reason they are doing the WBR is because its a precautionary measure for all the treatment she has went through. Could it be possible that they found something questionable in her brain or is it really performed as a precautionary measure? The doctor flat out told her yesterday that they are surprised she has made it this long. Anyone that has experienced this or can shed some light on this type of cancer, will be greatly appreciated.


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    Welcome to the ACS survivor boards.

    Do ask your mom to sign a paper giving the dr permission to talk to you and make sure you know her wishes and plans for a Durable Power of Attorney for when she can't make decisions on her own.  I recommend she does that before she does the radiation.  

    Yes, whole brain radiation is used for preventative measures.  When done that way it is called prophylactic cranial irradiation or PCI.  It is a lower dosage than regular WBR and for reasons not fully understood it does prevent brain metastices in a significant number of small cell cancer patients.  That said, I must remind you that it prevents it in most- not all - sclc patients.  

    My coworkers husband was diagnosed with sclc about a year before my nsclc was found.  He had pci and is still with us and has a pretty fair quality of life.  

    Good luck to you both.  Keep her well hydrated and give her lots of small meals.