This is pretty cool....

There was an article in yesterday's paper that we will have "True Beam" radiation here at our local Medical Center.  I guess it is super high tech, kind of like Cyber-knife (that's what the Oncologist told me when I was there yesterday).....In the beginning, they'll be using it for brain and lung cancer, but will be using it on other cancers as time goes on.  The article says that a 7 weeks course of radiation for lung cancer will change to 5 days worth of treatments.....a four week treatment plan for brain cancer will be over in just one day.  They are also adding a CT center....before you either got it in the main hospital....or a person had to go to North Valley Hospital in Whitefish to have it done.  Instead of one RO, we'll now have two.....the new one is coming from John Hopkin's. 

The very cool part of this is......this is small town Montana.....but we have a huge Medical Center.  The whole state has less poplulation than Seattle.....


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    Happy for all that can benefit

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    for others...

    Very good news to see new medicine coming to the smaller cities. Of course your joy is for OTHERS not you. Those places are in your rear view mirror or whatever you use on a horse to see who is eating dust!!

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    Hi P

    Wow sounds great; I know I would have giving anything to be able to cut out some of my radiation treatment.


    Thanks for the news P

    Tim Hondo

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    wow, P, that sounds amazing

    wow, P, that sounds amazing and gives more hope.  i'm so glad to see real progress with cancer tx is being made.  thanks so much for sharing.


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    Good to hear!

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    It's nice to see progress for cancer treatments

    It is always good to see progress for cancer treatments........Means just more hope and survival...;]

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    Beam me up

    Hope that someday we can say Beam me up Scotty. Or just Beam the cancer out of me.


    Tim HondoTongue Out  

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    Amazing. I wish everyone had

    Amazing. I wish everyone had access to this new treatment